While you’re provide coverage for the exterior of your building and some basic interior components, you still need to buy an insurance policy for your personal property, your liability risk, and the upgrades that you have to your interior.  This is why you need condo insurance, also known as walls in coverage or h06 / ho6 insurance.

Your interior is likely not covered by your homeowners association insurance policy. For example, if you cause the fire in your kitchen and you damaged your own cabinets, curtains, and furniture, this would not be covered by homeowners association policy, in most cases. Coverage for these items may fall under something called “condo building items” or “dwelling”, depending on the carrier.

In the same example, let’s say that you caused a fire in your kitchen and that resulted in damage to your neighbors unit as well. You would likely be responsible for paying for the damages that you caused to another location inside the building, which is why you need a liability insurance.

Whether you live in a condominium, a town house, or a row house, you need to buy insurance for the unexpected.

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