Attached vs Detached Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance, also known has ho6 insurance or walls-in coverage helps to protect condo owners in many different ways.
Attached condos (including townhouses and row houses) vs. Detached Condos may need different coverage, depending on how the master association coverage applies.

There are different types of condos in different locations due to building regulations and other laws/codes that apply to construction. We can assist with insurance for attached condos, townhouses, row houses, and detached condos.

If you live in a detached home that is part of a master association, simply let us know when you request a quote . It is important to tell us about the association policy because we work with carriers that do allow for this type of policy. Be careful of buying an insurance policy without letting your agent know that you live in a detached home that has a master association policy. You may end up buying only coverage for your interior and not your exterior, when you actually needed both.

What types of attached home are eligible for an insurance quote? These are available.

  • Town home insurance (town house insurance)
  • Condominium Insurance
  • Garden Home Insurance
  • Row House Insurance
  • Detached Condo insurance
  • Single Family Residence in a Community Association
  • Condo Landlords (not in CA, FL, or NY)

If you have a traditional home that is not considered a condo, you can still call for a quote.  The team is happy to help

Let the representative know the setup of your unit when you call for a quote.


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